Wedding Chapel Business Policy


·        Only Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel  staff or assigned contractors can conduct services. There may be occasions when an independent Officiant can be accommodated, but special arrangements must be made in advance and approved in writing  and no discount is given to our base Chapel fee.

·        In the event of acts of God, technical or human error, or any other eventuality that interferes with the ability of Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel to deliver any or all of the services expected, Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel assumes responsibility only up to the actual amount paid for the particular service.

·       Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel assumes no responsibility for the application or issuance of a valid marriage license, although we are happy to try to assist you with this process.  The chapel can accommodate 45 - including the bride and the groom and bridal party.  So your guest count can be no larger than 43, depending on how large your bridal party might be.


·        All Indoor Wedding Chapel ceremonies must begin at the time reserved. The bride should arrive 45 to 60 minutes prior to the ceremony; the groom should arrive 30 minutes prior to the the ceremony. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK IN WITH CHAPEL STAFF UPON YOUR ARRIVAL!! Failure of a bride or groom to be prepared and arrive for the service with license in hand, may result in postponement of the ceremony, and forfeiture of any amounts paid. Because of the risk of disruption to other weddings, guests should arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Chapel doors will close 5 minutes prior to ceremony start time.

·        Due to space constraints, Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel can only permit the bride and two attendants in the bride's dressing room.  All other members of the wedding party and guests should arrive dressed for the ceremony, and can wait inside the Chapel.


·       Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel has professional photographers and videographers on staff - and we offer ceremony only photographer packages just for your wedding! 

·       Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel retains the copyright for all photography and videotaping in all forms, including electronic.  We reserve the right to make all decisions regarding maintenance of all photography and videotaping in all forms, including whether or how long to retain such images and how and when to dispose of such images.  We further retain the right to use all photographs and video for promotional purposes without further consent by bride or groom. However, when you purchase packages that include your images on CD or DVD, we will provide you with written permission to reproduce and reprint your images for personal use and enjoyment (limited use license).


·        Respecting the sacrament of your marriage ceremony, when Chapel staff photographers are retained to photograph or videotape your wedding ceremony, please tell ALL guests and family NOT to use the flash on their cameras, not to videotape, as well as NO TRIPODS OR GUESTS are allowed in the aisle once the ceremony has begun.  Additionally, please ask all family and guests to refrain from taking photos during individual or family portraits taken following your wedding ceremony.  This etiquette also applies to beach wedding ceremonies.


·         In the event of inclement weather, Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel reserves the right in its own discretion to cancel or postpone outdoor functions.  Our indoor wedding chapel is available for all rain out beach locations - at no extra charge - subject to 60 guest limitation for seating and standing capacity. All other arrangements must be made by the client.


  • Deliveries MUST BE pre-arranged for fresh cut or silk flowers, floral arrangements, and the like.

  • Fresh flower arrangements can be delivered to the Chapel  NO EARLIER THAN ONE HOUR  prior to your ceremony time – with no extra fee incurred if simply being placed in agreed upon locations without moving pre-existing Chapel floral arrangements.

  •  A $65 minimum fee applies when asked to swap out Chapel floral arrangements with your own *this does not include PEW FLORALS

  •  A $125 minimum fee applies when asked to swap out Chapel PEW FLORALS – AND - your florals must arrive ready for hanging with their own pew clips or be free standing – no exceptions can be made – we have 9 center aisle PEWS and 3 side section PEWS

  • As Chapel staff are limited and have assigned duties prior to your ceremony,   it is recommend that you have YOUR personal representative arrive early to set up your florals and work with chapel staff

  • Please designate YOUR personal representative to stay behind following your departure  to immediately remove ALL personal  florals for your disposal  - no exceptions can be made

CONSUMABLES – food and alcohol

No alcohol is allowed on the premises

An apple cider couple’s toast may be prearranged with staff (optional fee)

Small personal size wedding cake – couples only – we are happy to discuss this option as well


Thank you for taking the time to review our business policies today, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. This page updated Jan. 17th 2013.


More detailed, specific information is available on our FAQ page ....

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